Solenoid Valve

Solenoid Valve
Solenoid Valve
Product Description
Offered Solenoid Valves can deal with most liquid control applications. These are also called electrically-worked valve, and are the programmed valve that evacuate the requirement for a specialist to work a valve physically. Solenoids work utilizing an electromagnetic solenoid curl to change the condition of a valve from open to shut, or the other way around. The items give right and precise control working. The most vital parameters for choosing these valves are the Kv esteem (given in cubic meters every hour) and the application's weight territory. Provided valves can be utilized as the crucial part of all application where a clean (non-gooey) process media, for example, clean fluids/gases/light oils, should be controlled. The solenoid valves can likewise be utilized as the parts of place of bigger valves, for example, electrically impelled ball valves. These can be employed to relatively control stream or weight contingent upon a varying information flag.
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