Manual Epoxy Dispensing Machine

Manual Epoxy Dispensing Machine
Product Description
The machine is controlled by the PLC, the human-computer interaction and parameters setting and recall is through the touch screen. The epoxy is output quantitatively with the force of the servo motor by driving the precision metering gear pump, and the AB epoxy is mixed by the static mixing module, achieving terminal dispensing by dispensing guns module.

1. Technical Parameters
  • Model: JHX-280-D1 (double system73946 metering)
  • Dimension (L*W*H): 780mm700mm,1820mm
  • Power Required: AC220V, 50HZ, 1.5KW
  • Compressed Air: >5kgf/cm
  • Production Capacity: >1000pcs/hour
  • Applicable for dispensing epoxy for all the battery terminals
  • Applicable Epoxy: terminal epoxy  
  • Proportion: mixing proportion (100:100~100:10)
  • Proportion Accuracy: ±3%
  • Quantitative Dispensing Accuracy: ±0.1g
  • Dispensing Speed: 0~15g/s
  • Anti-solidification Time: 0~300s 
2. Equipment Composition
  • 1) Frame: composed of heavy load type aluminum profile; surface is with electrophoresis treatment; color is silvery, sheet metal is dark blue.   
  •  2) Pressure vacuum material barrel with mixing; Material: SUS304 stainless steel
  •  3) 1 group (2pcs) of precision metering gear pump epoxy output control module
  •  4) Manual control dispensing or quantitative dispensing can be selected. 
  •  5) Dynamic mixing or static mixing can be selected. 
3. Features
  •  1) Easy for operation, there are two ways of dispensing, i.e. quantitative dispensing & manual control dispensing.
  •  2) The dispensing system adopts servo motor with high-precision gear metering pump, achieving dispensing quantitatively in constant proportion. Mixing and Dispensing will work at the same time, saving epoxy effectively. 
  •  3) The epoxy proportioning can be adjusted from 100:100 to 100:10, the proportion accuracy is ±3%.
  •  4) With vacuum type mixing tank, the epoxy can be supplied uninterruptedly and recurrently.
  •  5) Reasonable design for easy maintenance, with function of anti-solidification and cleaning.
  •  6) The epoxy barrel and pipeline are made of stainless steel, with function of constant temperature heating.
  •  7) With level switch in the epoxy barrel, the system will alarm if the epoxy is less. 
4. Configuration of the Main Parts: Sl. No. Name Model Brand 1 PLC DVP28SV Taiwan Delta 2 Gear metering pump JHX-1.2/JHX-2.4 3 screw pump JHX-280-20 4 dispensing valve JHX-280-03 5 servo motor 400W Taiwan Delta 6 human-computer interface Taiwan Delta 7 Vacuum Pump XD-20 8 pneumatic component Taiwan AIRTAC

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