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Intercell welding quality checking machine

Intercell welding quality checking machine
Intercell welding quality checking machine
Product Description

1. Application: For testing the inter-cell welding quality of automotive and tubular batteries, to test whether there is the cold solder joints or dry joints.                                                

2. Operation: The battery will automatically be conveyed and located to the accurate position by the machine with the help of the magic eye. The test probe will lower and do the testing. If not qualified, the machine will send out alarm signal and push the unqualified battery to the rejection table. If qualified, the battery will be delivered automatically to the next working process. 

3. Feature: Inner resistant testing; the machine connects the high current and test the micro-voltage of every welding spot at the same time.  After amplification processing, the display screen will show the voltage of every welding spot. The high voltage limit can be set, if beyond the high limit the battery is not qualified. Automatic, accurate and rapid, high voltage short circuit testing of battery(1 sets of short circuit testing jig and welding condition testing jig for free)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

4. Configuration:A3 steel frame, Mitsubishi PLC, Delta HMI, Millivolt header, Taiwan technology pneumatic component, low-voltage apparatus from Schneider and Chint

5. Air supply:0.05m3/min,0.6MPa。                                                                                                  6. Power supply:AC380V,50HZ,2KW。 

7. Test current:30~80A adjustableï¼›                  

8.Test voltage:0-2000V adjustable   

9. Dimension(L×W×H):2750mm×1200mm×2100mm                                                                          10. Weight:850Kgï¼›

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