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Epoxy dispensing machine (Color)

Epoxy dispensing machine (Color)
Epoxy dispensing machine (Color)
Product Description

1. Introduction

1.1 Model: BP-300-B2 (double system metering, double nozzles)

1.2 Production Capacity: >1500pcs/hour

1.3 Dimension (L*W*H): 880mm×780mm×1530mm

1.4 Proportion: 100:100-100:10±3%

1.5 Proportion Accuracy: ±3%

2. Equipment Composition 

2.1 Frame: composed of heavy load type aluminum profile; surface is with electrophoresis treatment; color is silvery, sheet metal is dark blue.    

2.2 Pressure vacuum material barrel with mixing; Material: SUS304 stainless steel, volume: 20L 

2.3 2 groups (4pcs) of precision metering gear pump glue output control module 

2.4 2pcs dispensing gun module with handle  

2.5 Cleaning barrel module 

2.6 Automatic electrical control module 

3. Principle 

The machine is controlled by the PLC, the human-machine interaction and parameters setting and recall is through the touch screen. The glue is output quantitatively with the force of the servo motor by driving the precision metering gear pump, and the AB epoxy is mixed by the static mixing module, achieving terminal dispensing by dispensing guns module.  

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