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Enveloping and stacking machine (AGM)

Enveloping and stacking machine (AGM)
Enveloping and stacking machine (AGM)
Product Description

Specification of AGM Enveloping and Stacking machine:

1.The equipment is suitable for enveloping and stacking of medium size batteries from 6V-12V and 12V 40AH to 200AH.

2.It is suitable for AGM separator enveloping and stacking.

3.The main control system of the equipment adopts the programmable and model-replaceable type(the mechanism size is adjusted to manual adjustment), and the double-layer separator folding mode can be selected.

4.Efficiency: the maximum enveloping speed is 55 - 60 plates / min, the maximum stacking speed is 120 plates/ min ±10 plates, 2 - 3 labour operation

5.Scope of plate use: suitable for punching plate and casting plate, plate size: Width 108mm-160mm; Height:110mm-200mm,thickness:1.7mm-3mm

6.Equipment size:8000mm(L)*1800mm(W)*2000mm(H)。


8.Standard power supply: 380V three-phase four-wire, 50HZ;

9.Energy demand: Power:≤3.5KW    

          Compressed air: ≥0.5MPa    

          Vacuum pressure(max):50KPa

10.Electrical components: Schneider brand; PLC, touch screen: Mitsubishi; cylinder: Japan SMC or Japan CKD; frequency converter: Mitsubishi brand.

11.the equipment is provided with an environment-friendly pipe connection port

12.The equipment includes film mulching function. (it contains 1 set of tool kit for one size plate in film mulching process,it will depend on the plate size)

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