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Battery formation water bath

Battery formation water bath
Battery formation water bath
Product Description

Unpowered Roller Type Battery Formation Tank

I. General

This proposal is designed for the battery formation charging tank, primarily used for lead-acid battery water cooling formation.

    After filling acid, the automatic conveyor will transfer the batteries to the end of the formation charging tank. The operator will manually move the batteries into the formation charging tankswitch on the water inlet. When water reaches the preset water level, switch off the inlet. When the formation charging is completed, manually switch off the system, drain off the water in the tank, and move the batteries onto the conveyer. The conveyor will automatically move the batteries to the next process.

II. Main Technical Performance



Model and Specifications




Battery formation tank

Including the tank, frame, ventilation pipe, suction hood, pipeline for water inlet/outlet

1 pc

Frame material: 304 stainless steel

1. Battery formation tank (single tank)

1.1. The tank is made of high quality PVC (black)thickness=15mm.

1.2. Frame is made of 304 stainless steel 40*40 square tubes. Adjustable leveling feet at the bottom of the frame is made of 316L stainless steel (±25mm).

1.3. Tank dimensionsingle tank width 1.2m, total length 16.5m, net height 0.3m, effective height for conveying battery 0.65m.

1.4. Formation tank cover materialHigh quality transparent PVC,thickness≥3mm;

1.5. Formation tank suction hood: Stainless steel support, with high quality transparent PVC cover plate, thickness≥8mm;

1.6. Material for pipe fitting of inlet/outlet valve at the bottom of the tank: UPVCdiameter â‰¥40mm;

1.7. Water blocking plate on both sides of the tankThe two plates act like shutting doors. The instant stainless steel buckle is easy to use, and provides great sealing to ensure no water leakage. Each plate is equipped with four 304 stainless steel buckles. 

1.8. The overflow position is determined on site according to the height of the battery, to ensure no leakage.

1.9. Each tank has 3 water inlet, 4 overflow and 2 water outlet. The inlet diameter is DN40, outlet diameter is DN65; all the pipes are made of PVC.

1.10. Each formation tank is equipped with temperature control system, when the temperature reaches the setting temperature, the solenoid valve for water outlet will open automatically.  

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