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Automatic COS machine (Car battery)

Automatic COS machine (Car battery)
Automatic COS machine (Car battery)
Product Description

Automobile Battery 1*6 Type 


1. Application Range and Advantage:

 for PE-AGM Batteries, 2.5-3.0 batteries/minute

Fully automatic operation:

Enveloped plate groups conveyingplate group loading, side lug clampingplate group alignment, lug brushing, flux dippingbus bar casting, automatic container insertion.

Different battery model changing time: 20-30 minutes

2. Detailed process:

Automatic robot for plate group loading system, automatic COS machineautomatic container insertion machine, these three systems can work independently and also can be matched for automatic configuration.

Automatic COS machine:

1st alignment

2ndug brushing, flux dipping, drying and tin coating

3rd casting

4th station: insert the plate groups into the battery container

3. Features:

Apply to lead antimony alloy or lead calcium alloy, lead calcium tin alloy;

* Four stations working: automatic plate group loading and alignment; brushing lug and dipping soldering flux automatically; automatic welding; automatic container insertion;

* The fixture adopts double-action plate as clamping mode, fixture is same for battery smaller than 12V100Ah;

Soldering flux for COS machine has two kinds, i.e. water-based and oil-based, water-based welding effect is better.

According to the lug width the bus-bar size can be added 1.5mm on both sides, the minimum thickness of bus-bar can be controlled around 7 mm;

Mold changing time is about 30mins; mainly depending on your operation skill;

4. Equipment Details

Applicable battery dimension: L =185-410 , W=125-180, H=175-250 ( mm)

Pneumatic parts: AIRTAC - SMC


Motor: 10kw;

Mould : 18kw; 

Melting Pot: 18kw

Pre-heating mould: 18kw

Melting Pot: electric furnace

Mitsubishi PLC control, Mitsubishi human machine interface (optional)

Japan Keyence Omron / Mitsubishi sensor (optional)

Dimension / Weight : L*W*H=3800*3600*3200mmWeight=11000kg

5. Consumption:     

Standard Power Supply

220/380/440V, three phases, 50/60HZ

Compressed Air


Cooling Water



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